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I'm Kellie, an avid reader and school librarian who loves sharing and talking about books.As a middle school librarian I get to spend my days doing just that, while also enjoy discovering the perfect books to share with my friends. Ms. Burke's Books is a continuation of that, a place where I can offer my honest opinions on the books I read and hopefully help match you to your new favorite book!

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The Disaster Days by Rebecca Behrens

The Disaster Days

While I'm usually not a big reader of adventure books, The Disaster Days was a suspensful book on survival during the aftermath of an earthquake. It certainly made me think about my own actions if I were in a similar situation! 


Babysitting for her neighbors should be a simple gig but when the entire house and ground begin to shake, 13 year old Hannah's skills are tested. Assured that an adult has to be on their way she only begins to panic after cranking up the emergency radio: the entire coast has been hit and the bridge that connects their island of Pelling to the rest of Washington state has been destroyed. With no electricity, cell reception, and aftershocks threatening their shelter, can Hannah keep her and the kids safe- and alive?

My Thoughts

This survival story is suspenseful and will cause readers to think about their own abilities to survive in a disaster. Without the modern technology we rely on, characters have to get creative and use any knowledge they may already have. It's an fascinating thing to think about: without immediate access to Google would you know how to help someone with a medical emergency? 

The book does sometimes veer into reading like a handbook and the fact that Hannah has access to a full set of encyclopedias seems like a reach in today's world. Also, as a former teacher and now librarian I know that a lot of pre-teens and teens would struggle with how to look information up in an encyclopedia! (Not exaggerating- why would they? They have never had to).

Overall, The Disaster Days is fast-paced and suspenseful, while also causing the reader to think about their own preparedness in an emergency. 

Book Information

Author: Rebecca Behrens
Publisher: Sourcebooks Young Readers
Publish Date: October 1, 2019

Genre(s): adventure
Recommended for: upper elementary to middle school
Protagonist Description: 13 year old girl, white
Trigger Warnings: some peril

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