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Library Treasure Hunt: Orientation Made Simple

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

An editable Google Slides digital treasure hunt for students to independently get to know your library.

pirate treasure map with library related links, on an ipad and surrounded by pencils

I am VERY excited about sharing this library orientation treasure hunt for back-to-school because it makes library orientation for secondary schools so easy! It is editable so you can add in your own links, change the clue categories, and really adapt it to what works best in your library.

This activity is really flexible so students can complete it when they're physically in the library or virtually. I created this treasure hunt themed orientation last year because our students weren't on any type of fixed schedule and it was hard to do any type of orientation in the limited class time we had. We posted this to our Schoology course for students to complete and gave them a prize as an incentive for completion. Since you can make it your own, it can also easily be adapted to get students up and moving in the library during a class.

Included are some ideas for clue categories and possible questions to ask your students. Since it is digital it's easy to add links to your library catalog, have students search databases, and really make them click around at your resources. The final clue leads students to the library circulation desk for a prize, which helps with getting teenage buy-in (we handed out bookmarks and Jolly Ranchers).

It's a lot of fun and my students enjoyed it last year, so I'm excited to share it! Click below to get to the product and please leave a review if you use it- I'd love to know what you think!

Image of a pirate treasure map with the text Digital Library Orientation, a Google Slides treasure hunt for middle or high school libraries


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